Kehidupan arsitek atau Architect’s life merupakan rangkaian kuliah yang bertujuan memberi wawasan tentang bagaimana seorang arsitek menjalani kehidupan karirnya dengan beragam bidang yang ditekuni. Mahasiswa diharapkan dapat menjadikan wawasan ini sebagai referensi dan merefleksikannya ke dalam diri mereka untuk kemudian melihat kemungkinan apa saja yang dapat mereka pilih di kemudian hari. Mata kuliah ni menitikberatkan pada diversitas karir seseorang di bidang arsitekur dengan menawarkan sebuah metode belajar melalui perspektif referensi yang luas. Mahasiswa akan diajak untuk menggali tiap referensi dan mengaitkannya kembali pada apa yang telah dan akan mereka jalani ketika masuk ke dalam gelanggang bidang arsitektur.

Life of an architect, or in this class; Architect’s life, is a series of course that aims to deliver an insight about how an architect living his/her carrier in the middle of diversity. Students are expected to use this knowledge as reference point and reflected into themselves. That, in order to see opportunity that later on would be presented in their life. This course focused on carrier diversity on architectural field which offered a learning method via extensive referential perspective. Student are encouraged to use every reference they found in this class, and relate it back to what has and will come forward their life in architecture profession.

Final Documentation. The students are required to submit Final Documentation of all research/report produced in the course and also obliged to do a small prototyping (max 60x60x60cm) of the selected architectural elements simulated system. The documentation shall consist of the selected methodology report that are including written text that are arrange with Main Chapter and Sub-Chapter that comes with 2d and 3d graphic diagrams, if there are imagery taken from other references, students must include the source of data for example, where it was taken from, if there are drawings, pictures taken and owned by each group, they have to describe when and where the research or visit was conducted and definitely it should be related to their selected fabrication methodology topic. Final report shall include high-quality visual imagery, suitable for use in a professional architectural portfolio or publication.
The Final Submission products are

-One bundle of book (three copies) in a proper binding method and a clear printing in A5 format portrait; please be prepared to publish it with ISBN.

-exhibit yourself and your work, be proud of yourself, you are great because who you are.