Our 1st batch student

Categories: Introductory

“My Architecture” is OMAH Library exhibition in tribute to our first batch of Architecture Free School student.
This program aimed as another model of knowledge dissemination via intimate design class each weekend with group asssesment and lecture.
Each student are not limited from architectural background and certain age, but consist of many background and motives.

These are the full name list of our 1st batch student.

1. Charlene Vitricia
2. Riswanda Setyo Addino
3. Tri Putra Bhakti
4. Phola Juniar
5. Nonny Indah Wulansari
6. Edward Bryan Prasetya
7. Chintya Nur Rahmawati
8. Hillman Rushdi
9. Defrina Anggraeni
10. Kevin Tobias

The exhibition will be held at 9 April until 15 April 2017.