My Architecture Exhibition


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What is architecture for you?
Will it be sufficient to design merely based on textbooks?
When is the right time to trust yourself?

At OMAH Free School, we encourage and celebrate inquisitors, give value to doodles, and listen to one another’s stories. All in attempt to develop a more dynamic architectural pursuit. After one and a half months attending classes every weekend, 10 students from the first batch of OMAH Free School will weave their stories and dreams on architecture to us. Beginning with sincere sketches and love-letters, now they are ready to present their final projects.

Here are the 10 students of OMAH Free School. By the early April, they are going to exhibit their work :

1. Charlene Vitricia
2. Riswanda Setyo Addino
3. Tri Putra Bhakti
4. Phola Juniar
5. Nonny Indah Wulansari
6. Edward Bryan Prasetya
7. Chintya Nur Rahmawati
8. Hillman Rushdi
9. Defrina Anggraeni
10. Kevin Tobias

We gladly invite you to My Architecture Exhibition.

The second public exhibition by OMAH Library. A display of OMAH Free School 10 students’ works. The event will begin on Sunday, 9¬†April, 2017 and ends on 15 April 2017.