We invited you to join the course, which will be held on Saturday, 14th October 2017.

In this course, we will learn from Eric Dinardi about how to photographs architecture. The relationship between architecture and photography was interesting to explore back in the early days. Nicéphore Niépce took the earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera that shown the view from an upstairs window at Niépce’s estate, Le Gras, in the Burgundy region of France to the days of modern photography such as Julius Shulman and Ezra Stoller. This relationship still continue as per today we can enjoy different perspectives from pictures by Iwan Baan and Fernando Guerra.

Tutor exclusively will explain about Julius Shulman. A modern photographer who invloved in Case Study House program back in 1945, most notably the portrait of Stahl House. We will shared a glimpse of history in photography in architecture and how Julius Shulman become related with architects such as Pierre Koenig and Richard Neutra.

The session followed by presentation from Eric Dinardi and team, who will talk more about that similar relationship today. How photographer becomes involved in architectural world and how the difference between categories such as commercial and fine art works.

The techniques and tricks will be more explored in the live workshop session after the break, which Eric and team will demonstrate how it can be applied. This session will concluded by assessment and collective discussion.

Due to the limitation of the space, the participants will be selected. If you are interested to join this course, please fill the form below:

The tuition fee is IDR 200.000,-. Every participant should bring their own camera (any type) and a tripod.

For further information please contact directly to
This course is a starting of something that we are yet to feel and see, in the team, we are dedicated to giving our best for the participants to get the maximum learning curve in 1 day.

Detailed schedule
1. Introductory class: 10:00-11:30
Learning from the master- Julius Shulman by OMAH team

2. Lecture part 1: 11:30- lunch.
Presentation by Eric Dinardi and team.
a. Architecture and photography, Architectural Photography Sharing Session.
– Architectural Photography as documentation of works or part of works.
– Architectural Photography as photography works / fine arts works.
– Architectural Photography as commercial works.

b. Architectural Photography – Equipment Introductory
a. Gear Side.
b. Technical Side
c. Software.

3. Workshop part 2: 13:00- 17.00
Workshop by Eric Dinardi and team
Technique Sharing
a. How to create light.
b. How to create exposure balance.
c. How to adjust in software.

About the tutor :

Eric Dinardi is a founder and current Art director of Bacteria Photography and Imaginr Bacteria. He is specialized in Event Photography, to product, and also architectural works. He has lengthy spanning carrier for over a decade until now. He also works as creative lighting Class instructor for CLC Class PiArt School since 2013.

His full work can be seen on

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