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Hi, Restless Spirits!
We had a memorable and lovely encounter with people of varipus discipline (Lighting Designer, Engineer, and Interior Designer) at last Saturday workshop on Generic Lighting Design. Discourse between these relating fields happened fluidly during the lecture, review, and sharing from Thomas Agung Jonathan and Hadi Komara.

We started the day with basic introductory for Lighting by Thomas. He comprehensively gave an understanding of what is lighting and how it affects greatly in the creation of spatial experience. Since lighting compliments the room in which it is applied, Lighting Designer should never force their egocentric concepts, yet still retaining their identity and idealism. According to Thomas, the first and most important skill a Lighting Designer should have is the awareness of the programmed activity, movement, and function required by the clients. Coming from the comprehension, mixed with understanding of the characteristics of each lamp and luminaire, Lighting Designer may develop the wonders of lighting in both interior and exterior spaces.

“Architects should be innovative, unwanting to be boxed by rules.”
– Hadi Komara, Lighting Designer

Hadi Komara continued Thomas’ lecture with a bittersweet session on his decades of professing as Lighting Designer. It was not a simple trip of his life. Many times his commitment on his passions were challenged, yet he availed as a prominent designer nowadays. He thought that everyone working in every field, especially art, such as architects, interior, landscape, or lighting designers need to possess the spirit of restlessness and innovation. Without the desire to be different and confident, none will success. He viewed that he was a trendsetter in the business. He couldn’t elaborate what the main characteristics of his design that really defined who he was. However, similar to what Thomas has stated, designers should possess the lobbying skill between other designers and clients.

After the lunch break, participants were asked to develop the lighting concept for a weekend house with a Japanese minimalist touch. 6 of them presented their works and were given feedbacks by Thomas and team. Thomas, in his built design of the house, focused on the creation of light and shadow through linear and dot lightings. Other than overall viewing of the concept, he also emphasized on the detail of each lighting. He did it by first studying the concept of movement and elements of the interior rooms.

Thomas Agung Jonathan and Hadi Komar’s presence at OMAH gave new insights on how architecture can be perfected by working together with parallel designers. Remember one magnificent quote by Hadi at the end of his talk: “Great architect is one who wills to always learn, hear what his peers suggest, and admit that he will always learn.”.

See you on our other workshop! Let’s learn and be inspired!

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