Generic Design – How to design A House – Course Documentation

Hello restless spirit!

On 17-18 december we have engaged in very challenging workshop and lectures.

1. we have been listening to 2 lectures about what is a house, its historical context through time, and how generic design being performed within both local and timeless study cases.

2. Then we applied our understanding into 2.5 hour of workshop before reviews the works to get more concrete learning quality. We revisited importances in generic design such as commonly overlooked services area, logical scheme, all basic theme, without comprmosising its whole spatial narration.


1. In sunday lecture, we were looked closer to Geoffrey Bawa: his tough life, influences, his particular moonson climate design and its relevancies to our tropical challenges.

2. Another workshop and review was being done. We were to integrating Bawa’s style and solution to ours. We also happened to extend discussion into architectural carrier topic.

Our aim to give compact, yet practical course is going to be continued. Next time we will give lecture+workshop about interior design with Monica Sjarief and Marshall Utoyo. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for your great participation, we hope to see you again. We also looking forward to see many more new spirited faces in our forthcoming courses.

Stay restless, stay curious.

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