by Marshall Utoyo and Team

2 days Design Course and Workshop
14th January – 15th January 2017

Day 1
lecture: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
workshop: 13.00 pm – 15.30 pm

In this course, the nature of product design that extracted from book written by Galen Cranz which titled “The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design” will be explained, which also includes a book written by Agata Toromanoff titled “Chairs by Architects”, also “Design?: The Whole Story” by Elizabeth Wilhide, the forth book will be “the industrial design reader” by Carma Gorman and the last a book from Philip Wilkinson with title “Great Design”. These five book will be our introduction and framework of further Interior design workshop for generic product design course.

The second presentation is about the generic quality of the product design. It’s about extracting the pattern of one’s product design i.e. design of chair into the measurement. This session followed with a workshop of designing a chair by participants divided into small teams for 2.5 hours, then closed with review and sharing with fantastic snacks.

Day 2
lecture: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
workshop: 13.00 am – 15.00 pm

The Tutors will explain about Learning from Ray and Charles Eames, the style of the product design that inspires many generations. It’s about creating product which has outstanding technique of material design, ergonomically sound, with countless explorations.

The session followed by a workshop for interpreting Eames’s style and creating your own style in regard to yesterday workshop by incorporating the style into 2 options of designs, including drawings of perspective and elevation image of your chair design.

Because of limitation of the space, the participants will be selected and limited.

If you are interested to join this course, please fill the form in this link below :

The tuition fee is IDR 200.000,-. You will get design kit and other facilities for the course purpose including pattern and seminar book.

The course will be held in OMAH Library at The Guild, Jl. Taman Amarilis 2 Blok F2 No 15, Meruya Utara, Jakarta Barat.For further information please contact directly to

This course is a starting of something that we are yet to feel and see, in the team, we are dedicated to giving our best for the participants to get the maximum learning curve in 2 days time.

Marshall Utoyo


About the lecturer

Marshall Utoyo is an co-founder of Fabelio and founder of conclave co working space. He has taste of design which combine local craftsmen and local artisan as unique systhesis for his product design. Fabelio is an interior product startup based on Jakarta since June 2015. Marshall primary concerned with ergonomic and gives high regard to authenticity. He incorporates craftsmen and local artisan as unique combination for design of his product in Fabelio.

Fabelio offers custom furniture for the Indonesian market from local designers. The company sees Indonesia as a potential hub of quality furniture craftsmanship, with the advantage of low labor costs. According to the firm, the archipelago so far lacks a platform for designers and consumers to meet. Fabelio seeks to bridge this gap by inviting designers to display and sell their work through the website, while Fabelio handles the production and distribution. The company claims to have more than 350 unique product listings (SKUs) on its website, and intends to offer more than 2,000 products by end of the year. Fabelio’s ambition is to also take Indonesian furniture to foreign markets, such as Singapore, Thailand and Australia.