by Realrich Sjarief and Team

We gladly invited you to join our first course at the end of this year.

2 days Generic Design Class and Workshop
Learning on How to design a House For Client
17th December – 18th December 2016

Day 1
lecture: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
workshop: 13.00 pm – 15.30 pm
In this course,the tutors will explain the nature of designing house taken by book written by Elizabeth Wilhide published by design museum entitled “How to design a House”, and second, by book written Richard Weston published be titled “The House of 20th century”, and furthermore to explain some case studies illustrated in book long way towards recognition, some of Indonesian houses case study written by Achmad Deni Tardiyana and Yori Antar. These three books will be the introduction of the course.
The second presentation is about the generic quality of the house. It’s about extracting the pattern of living into the measurement. This session followed with a workshop of designing a house by participants divided into 4 teams for 2.5 hours designing a house and closed with sharing and fantastic snacks.

Day 2
lecture: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
workshop: 13.00 am – 15.00 pm:
The Tutors will explain about Learning from Geoffrey Bawa, the style of the house that reflects tropical monsoon climate, his expedients, alchemy, and experiments in creating architecture with his team.
The session followed by a workshop for interpreting Bawa’s style and creating your own style in regard to yesterday workshop by incorporating the style into 2 options of designs, including drawings of perspective and elevation image.
because of limitation of the space, the participants will be selected and limited. If you are interested to join this course, please fill the form in this link below :

The tuition fee is IDR 200.000,-. You will get design kit and other facilities for the course purpose including pattern and seminar book.

The course will be held in OMAH Library at The Guild, Jl. Taman Amarilis 2 Blok F2 No 15, Meruya Utara, Jakarta Barat. For further information please contact directly to

This course is a starting of something that we are yet to feel and see, in the team, we are dedicated to giving our best for the participants to get the maximum learning curve in 2 days time.