One in our lifetime, Louis Kahn once shared his wisdom, -a quotations from Kahn, one of which reads: “Schools began with a man under a tree who did not know he was a teacher, sharing his realization with a few others who did not know they were students.” Even professor Jon Lang once also said that to learn is to teach. Since it was established, Omah has been working for several workshops, lectures, and books. It’s really hard work by the team who focus on a dedicated community who love architecture.

I established Omah Library on 17th of January 2015 to accommodate accessible knowledge for the public especially students and young architects about architecture in Indonesia. It was triggered by needs of learning when 6 students, Kafi, Fadiah, Sari, Fadli, Dewanty, and Nathan of Gunadarma came to my studio in 2014, sharing about the need in learning architecture. That time was the alpha for me to establish OMAH. Since then, concept of Omah was developed, it started by 3 objective which generally the intent is to improve appreciation of architecture in Indonesia. The first objective is OMAH a way to link to education and practice shown by the practitioner and academician who interest to cultivated young people. Second, it a community for understanding architecture in deeper layers of thoughts. Third, OMAH is a way to appreciate architecture in a deep layer. The body of OMAH is designed to prepare a good, critical, and sharp mindset of young architect/designer that mature in theoretical and practical knowledge in their everyday praxis this was introduced, linked and cultivated by friends, mentor in discussion with David Hutama from time to time.

All of us is restless spirits who love architecture so deeply, I believe that the heart of architecture that we developed is divided 3 basic way of foundations, thinking and doing. The first one is the body, an automatic know how of learning architecture. The second is the mind, the knowledge, rational and empiricist. The third one is the spiritual side of the architect, the belief that we have the duty for creating work which has meaningful of people. The 3 foundations made a looping line, as the body, mind, and spirit developed, the architect is improved, hopefully, he or she can be one master, at least for him or herself, then recognition will be followed by the world.

Realrich Sjarief