About Us

Reading Room Hours only by reservation on weekend (because the location is inside private residence):

Contact person : (Librarian on duty)

+62 856 9765 7307 (Bangkit)
+62 896 1555 8321 (Greg)
+62 857 8008 2060 (Rifandi)
+62 817 0812 298 (Rio)

OMAH Library is a community which focuses on knowledge development of three way to achieve mastery in architecture by developing spirit, body and mind in developing young generation. It is community of daily discussion, workshop, lecture, bridging architecture academic and profession. In OMAH, we have various kind discussions  of architecture books in about 2 years (since august 2014), We’ve seek and nurture relationships with other people, organisations, universities to develop partnerships that move Architecture for the youngsters forward which establishes good practice and theory in Architecture.We loves books, loves meeting new people, loves to discuss with new people about architecture very much as a way to cultivate knowledge in developing our spirit, body, and mind. We think that we are an integral part of the architecture communities we serve. We love to seek and nurture relationships with other people, organizations, universities, firms to develop partnerships that move our indonesian communities forward to the lovely and creative community.

Advisor :

Realrich Sjarief

Head of Librarian :

Gregorius Giovanni Gerard
Rifandi S. Nugroho

Librarian :

Fernisia Richtia W
Rezki Dikaputera
Rio Sanjaya
Bangkit Mandela