Spirit_45: Cultural Hypnosis and an Unfinished Manifesto

Judul: Spirit_45: Cultural Hypnosis and an Unfinished Manifesto

Penulis: Andy Rahman, Eka Swandiansa, Realrich Sjarief

Editor: OMAH Library

Bahasa: Inggris

Halaman: 208

ISBN: 978-602-5615-45-0

SPIRIT_45 Is Numerous Sessions Of Dialogue, Expansive Moments Of Discourses, And Odes To Past Architectural Marvels. Andy Rahman, Eka Swadiansa, And Realrich Sjarief -3 Young Indonesian Architects- Gathered And Collided, Drowned In Endless Discussions, To Continuously Reflect The Indonesian Architecture Scenery In The Perspective Of Their Daily Practices. Of Concepts And Reality, Of Abstracts And Details, Of Scale And Magnitude, Of Time And Space, Of Simplicity And Complexity, Of Design Visions And Construction Strategies โ€“of All The Oxymoron Culminated Within The Limitation Of Their Young Practices- SPIRIT_45 Is An Attempt To Understand The Spirit Of Our Time. To Go Beyond The Mainstream Popular Cults, And Be Freed From Hegemonic Status Quo Of ‘formal’ History. A Struggle To Define New Informality, A Paradigm Shift โ€“ Possibly Of The Spirits From The Distant Past. A Journey Among Friends In Search Of Collective Identities.

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