Gregorius Jasson

Gregorius Jasson had been with us for more than a year as a volunteer in OMAH Library and actively contributes both as participant and speaker in several book discussion session. He also had an internship with PDA for 3 months, chasing his love for research and archiving heritage buildings. Jasson has released his book titled Materialitas: Kilas Balik 500 Tahun Arsitektur Indonesia, published by OMAH Library in 2018. He is now completing architecture study in Universitas Tarumanagara and soon to earn his degree.

(c2. b91) Supernova: Kesatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh

(c2.b92) Supernova: Akar

(c2.b93) Supernova: Petir

(c3.b94) Supernova: Partikel

(c2.a111) Beats Apart

(c2.i1) Fragmen Sajak-Sajak Baru

(a1.ar6) Pro Architect Antoni Gaudi

(b3.a20) Grafik Lanskap

(a3.m15) 50+ Karya Arsitek UNTAR

(a3.i9) Wordl Architecture 2 Art Museum