Bittersweet Memories in Design Experiences – Budiman Hendropurnomo

On July 28 we have commenced the 20th Bittersweet session with Budiman Hendropurnomo. He is a director of DCM since 1983 and has received 9 IAI Awards. With architectural experience stretched over 4 decades after long career on multi corporate dimension, he had given us many robust insight that Saturday. The discussion moderated by Realrich Sjarief. It started from 14.00 to 18.00 with 35 participants. The event divided into 3 session: Life & work by Budiman, 2 discussion session, and conclusion by moderator. Here’s the summary of the lecture shared by Budiman: – Budiman Joined DCM on 1983 after graduate and took internship in Han Awal for 4 months. – On 1980, DCM has globalized its network with the idea to sustain with separate branch in order to survive regional recession. This lead to DCM Indonesia that directed by and only one man team lead by Budiman on 1983. – He argued that his most important aim on design is “Cultural Sustainability”, the concept that is to create culturally aware works, but in modern sensibility. – On 1998, DCM faced crises, its patron were limited and they only have two project that lasted years before economy returning normal. – Plenty of DCM works were explained by Budiman, the two example was UI central Library that took representation of mountains and symbolism of artefact to emphasized its educational identity, and Government buildings that departed from concept of linkage as both symbol and functional use of transporting goods. – There are few rules taken from his experience. One of the most striking principe that he shared with us that architect needs to think internationally, but a pure indonesian at heart. We have to had that balance, because architecture is your very own reflection. – The discussion session were ended after 7 question from practitioner and students. It varies from design approach, office maneuver, problem solving, to life beliefs. Conclusion Realrich Sjarief close the event with interpretation on architect’s character. It’s the humility and will to adapt, supports someone in order for successful path. Secondly, according to Cadwell on title Strange Detail, the most mesmerising work of architecture is actually a form of autobiography of its own architect, that is, he finds reflected on works of Budiman Hendropurnomo.