Titik Awal Book Launching

Greetings, Restless Spirits!

We invite you for Titik Awal book launching, along with the book discussion and two bittersweet.
The event will be held in:

Saturday and Sunday,
08 and 09 December 2018.

Saturday, 08 December 2018
11.00 – 13.00 Book Discussion “Titik Awal”
13.00 – 16.00 Bittersweet in Design experience with Ario Andito

Sunday, 09 December 2018
13.00 – 16.00 Bittersweet in Design experience with Ary Indra

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Titik Awal is an anthology of final projects product of 18 Indonesian Architect. Filled with artworks from drawings and interviews from the 2017 exhibition with the same name. The book is part of 3 title that will be released at the end of 2018 by OMAH Library. With introduction by Realrich Sjarief and David Hutama, the terminology and its intention of the book is explained here, in which to nurture and encourage the importance of Indonesian architecture archival. This book is a collection of drawings from various final project, spanning for 3 generation from 1980 to 2000, carefully processed into digital archive and curated for the best reading experience.

The discussion will be focused on this process, who behind it, how the book being developed from interview and raw products. What were the motives, editorial session, and the retrospective from each contributor. The Discussion will be moderated by Bangkit Mandela. We will be having discussion with Gregorius G. Greg with his story as head of exhibition, Fiorent Fernisia Richtia, and Rifandi S Nugroho on their experience and interpretation towards the book.

Continued with Ario Andito and Ary Indra’s Bittersweet in Design Experience, we will be having discussion about their story and career making for the weekend.

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