Brownbag #08 – Amirul Farras & Thomas Santoso

Greetings, Restless Spirit

RAW in conjunction with OMAH Library presents another Final Project presentation, a sharing by two of RAW’s designers, Amirul Farras, a fresh graduate architecture designer from Parahyangan University and Thomas Santoso from Atma Jaya University.

In this session, Amirul will be presenting his final project’s titled: The Monumentality of The Architecture of Lawang Sewu.

Monumentality of architecture is open to cultural changes that occur at certain time. The value of monumentality contained in architectural objects may change with the dynamics of the contexts attached to them. However, it does not mean that insight into monumentality refers only to a single period. Understanding monumentalities can be and important to a comprehensive understanding of architecture.

Thomas Santoso will show his final projects: Museum of History and Archaeology in Grobogan with Contemporary Architectural Approach.

Recently, there has been a discovery of a lot of cultural heritage objects in the area of Banjarejo, Grobogan Regency. The fact that there is no such place to accommodate these objects makes a lot of local people, who discovered them, sell it to antiques collectors. To solve this problem, there needed a museum of history and archaeology to accommodate these objects. However, another problem rises up, like visiting problem that becomes a vital problem undergone by all museums around the world, including Indonesia. Then, how we solve this problem?

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