Learning From The Master #29 – Tadao Ando

Hi Restless Spirit!

Setelah diskusi terakhir kita tentang Thomas Heatterwick, kali ini kita akan membahas arsitek berkebangsaan Jepang, Tadao Ando yang terkenal dengan permainan pencahayaan ruang dan beton eksposnya. Diskusi kali ini akan dibawakan oleh Eka Osa Swandiansa.

Tadao Ando was the recipient of the 1995 Pritzker Prize; making him the third Japanese to ever won thismost respected architecture awardin the world,born fromthesceneryof a country with excellent Pritzker-winning tradition of which only came behind the United States (6 against 8 laureates). Considered by many as ‘the Zen master of our time’ –most likely misled by his visuallyminimalisticdesign vocabularies-Tadao Ando often misunderstood to be only as ‘pure modernist’. This presentation will focus on the attempt to understand his works through the utilization of cultural comparative studies–to mark the fundamental differences of his works to other renown Japanese architects such as the early modernist FumihikoMaki (1993 Pritzker Laurette) and the late modernist SANAA (2000 Pritzker Laurette)- a method borrowed from the book From Shinto to Ando: Studies in Architectural Anthropology in Japan(1993)written by Ando’s long standing friend–the academia who probably understood him best-Prof. GuenterNitschke.

This even will be held on Saturday, 03 november 2018
starting on 13.00-15.00 WIB
at OMAH Library

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