Belajar Arsitektur #09- The Structure of the Ordinary

Greetings, Restless Spirit

We invite you to OMAH program “Belajar Arsitektur” that will be held every Tuesday at 19.00 WIB.

The discussion will be presented by fellow practitioner, based on books and architectural figure study. For our 9th meeting, we will discuss about A book titled Structure of The Ordinary, written by John Habraken in 1998. Amirul Farras will be discussing the content of the book that focused on urban fabric observation by author’s years of research. The authors central argument is that built environment is universally organized by the Orders of Form, Place, and Understanding. We will be seeing more on the discussion.

In this new situation, the unspoken ways of ordinary environment must be articulated.
We cannot revive the naive past. We dare not promise an unrealizable future.
But to make peace with our task of designing the ordinary we must seek more intimate knowledge of it.

Our subject, then, is not architecture, but built environment. It is innately familiar.
Anew, we observe what always has been with us – not to discover, much less to invent, but to recognize.

In short, the very durability and transcendence of built environment is possible only because there is continuous change. In this respect, built environment is indeed organic: continuous renewal and replacement of individual cells preserves it, giving it the ability to persist.

The discussion will be held on:
Tuesday, 9th October 2018 / 19.00 WIB
@OMAH Library

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The invitation is limited to 15 persons because of the current location is in residential area, Realrich, the home owner decided to respect the neighborhood by limiting visitor to permission-only visitation to his friends, new friends and all of new people who like to learn architecture. Every people, whom like to read or use this collection, for any purpose, are needed to call before visiting from home owner.

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