Belajar Arsitektur #01 – Shape as Memory

Hi Restless Spirit!

We invite you to OMAH program “Belajar Arsitektur” that will be held every Tuesday at 19.00 WIB.

The lecture will be presented by fellow practitioner, based on books and architectural figure study. For our fist meeting, we will discuss a book titled Shape as Memories by Michael Leyton.

A form resulting from a series of architectural processes according to Michael Leyton has a history or journey. In this book Michael Leyton provides another way of processing the shape and order of the process of architecture. Also the re-formulates the relation of architecture to computation, computional process according to him to be a moment in which the mind experiences self-creation by reading and writing itself as history. The architectural principles proposed by Leyton are the means by which the building can be read and written as the creation of the mind itself. Leyton illustrates these new architectural principles with his own administration building.
At the end of the book’s opening, architectural historian Antonio Saggio provides a conclusion of the linkage between history and computing in the architectural process through imagery to things that are closer to everyday life.

“Imagine a face with wrinkles, imagine a car that has a scratch on its door: these plots reveal history. Then, imagine a car and face without history / history, without the signs. This is the basis of this book. And his thesis is relevant. Form is a result of history or, in other words, form is memory! “.

About the author
Michael Leyton is a professor in the Psychology Department at Rutgers University. He is a recipient of the Presidential Young Investigatory Award for outstanding work in cognitive science.

The discussion will be held on:
Tuesday, 3rd July 2018 / 19.00 WIB
@OMAH Library

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The invitation is limited to 15 persons because of the current location is in residential area, Realrich, the home owner decided to respect the neighborhood by limiting visitor to permission-only visitation to his friends, new friends and all of new people who like to learn architecture. Every people, whom like to read or use this collection, for any purpose, are needed to call before visiting from home owner.

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