Brownbag #7 – Riswanda S. Addino & Fiona Elochita

Hi, Restless Spirit!

RAW in conjunction with OMAH presents Final Project Presentation by our intern and new team member, Riswanda S. Addino from Brawijaya University and Fiona Elochita from Universitas Kristen Petra.

Riswanda will prensenting his final project about airplane assemblage hangar.

He designed this hangar by applying the same method that has been used by late Zaha Hadid. For him, Zaha Hadid was a brilliant architect in terms of design producing. She could combine two distinct purpose in same designed building with harmonic composition and effective accessibility,

Then, Fiona Elochita will presenting Low-Budget Housing for Karangmumus Riverside Community in Samarinda.

Karangmumus River has its special place on Samarinda Urban Life, which sadly decreased in recent years, especially by water and industry pollution caused by city rapid development. Concerned by this issue, she proposed a low-budget housing for local settlers along the riverside in hope for, not only save it from environmental destruction, but also set it back as the city cultural icon.

We will learn again to the thinking and design process within final project from many different universities, it must be exciting to see how they conquer this.

The venue will be placed at Omah Library, Thursday 11th January 2018 at 07.00 pm. Please come and discuss together.

For more information please directly send your email to