Public Lecture #35 – Inclusive Design

Hello Restless Spirits!

We will gather around for a Public Lecture on Saturday, 11th November 2017. We will talk about Inclusive Design as an approach for people with disability. Inclusive Design, which the focus is to alter built environment situated with diverse range of disability, emerged after 1967’s book “Designing for the Disabled” by Selwyn Goldsmith. The term from “free barier” derived and generally known as universal design. We will see various examples from pedestrian to apartement cases.

The lecture will be presented by Gunawan Tanuwidjaja, Lecturer from Petra Christian University Surabaya. He is one of the faculty of Archtiecture Department, in The Design Division teaching Inclusive Design and Urban Design Studio. He will share with us the importance, learning experience, and reviewing case from conceptual scheme about inclusive design.

We invite all of you to join our discussion.
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