Book Discussion #07 – Studies In Tectonic Culture

Hello Restless Spirits!

We will gather around for a Book Discussion on Saturday, 4th November 2017. We will talk about Kenneth Frampton’s Studies in Tectonic Culture: the Poetics of Construction in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture.

“Greek in origin, the term tectonic derives from the word tekton, signifying carpenter or builder. 
The book gave the idea that architecture is a constructional craft. The corresponding verb is tektainomai. This in turn is related to the Sanskrit taksan, referring to the craft of carpentry and to the use of the axe.

The poetic connotation of the term first appear in Sappho, where the tekton, the carpenter, assumes the role of the poet. In general, the term refers to an artisan working in all hard materials except metal. In the fifth century BC this meaning undergoes further evolution, from something specific and physical, such as carpentry, to a more generic notion of making, involving the idea of poesis.” (Etymology, pg.3-4)

This book compiled Frampton’s research that architecture is a constructional craft. We will explore through the history of tectonic forms, its contexts, and how some of the great architects react to their own process of making architecture.

The art of construction, through the ever-evolving tools will inflicts the acrobatic attitude of the architects itself. We will see how this will provoke some further evolution in the culture of tectonics.

“Good architecture starts always with efficient construction. Without construction there is no architecture. Construction embodies material and its use according to its properties, that is to say, stone imposes a different method of construction from iron or concrete.” Aris Konstantinidis, Architecture, 1964

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