Architecture Pilgrimage Trip: Towards Works of Tan Tjiang Ay

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We will held Architecture Pilgrimage Trip: Towards Works of Tan Tjiang Ay

The Netherlands formed cities in Indonesia, with the concept of garden city, according to his dream. Every houses have wide border, the fence is just trees and bushes. In the Netherlands there is a block in Hilversum City that represents it, even its name using the name of islands in Indonesia. In Indonesia environment with this concept is now gone.

In the present, the tendencies of people to build a house is on small land and with a budget that is not too high.

As an architect, it needs to be maintained. Sometimes clients want to buy “kijang”, but operate it like “ferrari”, and vice versa. Sometimes mistakes happen because the architect misunderstood the needs. Therefore when reviewing a project, it is necessary to look at the architect’s intentions and what’s really going on.

Tan Tjiang Ay is a senior architect of Indonesia. He studied architecture at ITB, then Parahyangan University before pursuing his career. After 12 years working with his associates, he established The Office of Tan Tjiang Ay Architect. He felt the urge to develop his personal character in architecture. He refuses to call himself a minimalist, but the term reductionist who would like to reduce useless elements. We will visit and discuss about 2 houses designed by Tan Tjiang Ay.

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Please remember that you will need to pay a donation of IDR20.000 and Attendants will gather at BSD Junction on Saturday, 28 October 2017, on 12.00 AM. After the event we may visit another projects of Tan Tjiang Ay, if the time is convenient.

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