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We will gather again for the book discussion series this month. We will discuss about The Autopoiesis Of Architecture that written by Patrick Schumaker in 2009.
Architecture is born as a summary of human understandings of their surrounding world. This comprehension is of course particular for each person/group, hence they require the correct media to bridge the diversities of ideas. One of them is through a form of architectural communication.

Patrick Schumaker then study this communication system in his theory: Autopoiesis of Architecture (2009). It is quite a new theory and has not yet had a concrete design application. However, these ideas he offers, may be solutions of current architectural miscommunication; specifically in the face of slum existence in big cities.

Materiality turns to be a form of direct communication, clearly visible shape of an architectural work. Through autopoiesis approach, materiality might be an effective language to solve spatial complications, commonly happen between urbanities. As a case of this discussion, we will discuss revitalizing movements in kampongs in several cities, starting from Kali Code in Yogyakarta to Kampung Pelangi in Malang.

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