OMAH Library in collaboration with Indonesian Architect Association of Banten


Since 16th April 2017, OMAH Library has been in collaboration with Indonesian Architect Association of Banten.

IAI Banten is one of the 27 regional branch of Indonesian Architect Association that based on Banten. As a part of bigger institution, IAI Banten derived its function to accomodate architect in one place. Despite of the institutional effort to specify area for easier access, recent recognition of Indonesia Architecture Law has made the issue of organizational-connection more serious matter than ever. The institution can longer stand as diversified element, segmented, and isolated. It is necessary for alternative organisation to come into area as well.

Our scope of collaboration includes reciprocal contribution in publishing and helping young architect in registration to mentioned association. This means, -as well, that all of OMAH Library program, are now certified by Indonesian Architect Association of Banten. Each our lecture and discussion, we agreed to value KUM score as 1.5 for attendance, and 2.0 for speaker. This score are essential number for one’s profession’s advancement to sustain his/her professional accreditation. By following certified IAI program, registered architect are benefited to help themselves sustaining their role for society by doing lecture, studying new issue, involving in teaching visiting students, building connection between practitioners, and refining their architectural knowledge.

We believe that this collaboration are important as in respect of our mission to disseminate architecture knowledge and building active community of architecture. This collaboration is a form of expression that architecture community needs to be coordinated and concentrated on bonding together as a whole.

The Memorandum of Understanding of this event can be downloaded here.