Brownbag #6 – Kanigara Ubaszti Putra & Regi Kusnadi

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RAW in conjunction with OMAH presents another Final Project presentation and practical experience sharing by two of our team members, Regi Kusnadi and Kanigara Ubaszti Putra, a fresh graduate architectural designer from Parahyangan University and University of Indonesia.

In this session, Regi Kusnadi will present his final project titled “Perceptual Territory Model of Stilt Houses”. His story started from limited land in Kuin area which triggered the permanent stilt houses to be built above the river. This created a new settlement which became a part of Kuin area. In fact, stilt houses at the edge of Kuin River have no clear barrier on its river so the territory that exist on those houses water areas are based on each owner’s perceptions.

In his study, it was revealed that there are two models of perceptual territory from the six cases which were studied based on its territoriality behavior. The first model is the perceptual territory pattern that is pointing towards the front (land) up to the road, and towards the back (river). Meanwhile, the left and right side of the buildings coincide with the ownership neighbors’s space. The second model is the perceptual territory pattern that is pointing towards the land (up until the house across), towards the back (river), and also pointing to the left or right side of the building.

Kanigara will presents his final paper based on Tschumi readings, which called The Limit of Architecture. His paper will explore what and whatnot, defines architectural limit, that even the definition of limit itself in architectural context. He quote Tschumi as initial statement:

“Which brings us back to Vitruvius, that monkey on the back of architecture, and to the modern version of his triad: function,tectonics, and aesthetics. These are areas in which architects feel they can exercise their expert knowledge : function as an abstraction of the complexities of use, tectonics as a codification of the vagaries of construction, and aesthetics as the “main- tenance of taste” through various theories of form and composition. (Till, 2009)”


The venue will be placed at OMAH Library, jl taman amarilis 2 blok f2 no. 15. The schedule for this session is on Thursday 5th August 2017 and will be started at 07.00 pm.
The discussion is open to the public.

If you are interested in joining this, please send an email directly to with the subject BROWNBAG.

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