Learning From The Master #24 -Daniel Libeskind

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We will gather again to get Learning From The Master session. After last discussion about of Peter Eissenman, we will continue to learn about the connectivity of deconstruction theory in architecture. The third architect that we want to discuss is Daniel Libeskind, one of some influential deconstuctivist architect. It will be presented by Yuki Fadilah and Riswanda S A.

Inspired by the language of space Daniel Libeskind get a chance to win a major museum architecture contest in Berlin. His unique thoughts are sometimes shown in an interview video entitled “Daniel Libeskind: Welcome to the 21st Century”, which is worth to discuss.

Architecture for him is like a tool to realize a dream through the formation and experience of space. Libeskind with his dream brought a different definition of a museum generally. In designing the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Daniel incorporates human experiences through an architectural order.

The practice that he did up to now is still relevant to his ultimate mission of creating unusual designs through processed adventures. Paul Goldberger through the “Counter Point” book reinforces evidence that Daniel Libeskind’s early project played a key role in subsequent projects.

The discussion will be held on
Saturday, 8 July 2017 / 10.00 AM
at OMAH Library
Jl. Taman Amarilis 2 Blok F2 No. 15, Meruya Utara, Tangerang Selatan

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for further information please send email to omahlibrary.reservation@gmail.com

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