Book Discussion #01- of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida

Hi Restless Spirit!

We are gonna hold a Book Discussion – of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida

Derrida argues that throughout the Western philosophical tradition, writing has been considered as merely a derivative form of speech, and thus as a “fall” from the “full presence” of speech. In the course of the work he deconstructs this position as it appears in the work of several writers, showing the myriad aporias and ellipses to which this leads them. Derrida does not claim to be giving a critique of the work of these thinkers, because he does not believe it possible to escape from operating with such oppositions. Nevertheless, he calls for a new science of “grammatology” that would relate to such questions in a new way.

The lecture will be brought by Realrich Sjarief and Gregorius Giovanni Gerard.

Realrich Sjarief graduated from ITB, worked for Norman Foster upon establishing RAW Architecture. He is currently advisor of OMAH.

Gregorius Giovanni Gerard is the lead librarian of Omah. He graduated from Tarumanagara University. He was former journalist of SKETSA Magazine. Currently, he worked as junior architect at tekturaworkshop and librarian at OMAH.

20 May 2017 at 10.00 AM- 12.00 PM
at OMAH Library
Taman Amarilis F2/15-16
Taman Villa Meruya
West Jakarta