Stitching Elements, writting by Gregorius G. Gerard

Saturday, January 17, 2015,
The first time we met. An invitation to learn architecture together, brought me into a library with a multiplex structure that consists of 220 bookshelves module. The place was not big, 2.5 x 6 meter. When I sat inside, there were some people who I had not ever known also observed the structure. To avoid an awkward situation, I decided to sit in one of the corner of the room, reading the books that I found in the wall around where I was sitting. Shortly after this structure was full, I realized the lecture will begin. People who came in the lecture actualy did not know each other, fortunately before it was started we were introduced to one another-so I could smile to friend who sat beside me. At that time I became acquainted with you. The lecture then began, I listened well, although occasionally watching you. Many materials of the lecture brought me to re-reflect on what I’ve learned and of course I also learned a lot of new vocabularies in architecture. Interestingly there were guests from abroad who also shared his experiences via Skype with us. After lecture I talked about anything with the other, looking at music performances and eating snacks that may be the ice breaker. But where are you?

Sunday, January 25, 2015,
The first time we talked. My spirit was higher than before, I went back to get an invitation to join the discussion about “Annie Choi’s letter, Dear Architect, ’I’m sick of your shit.’” In the next week, an unstoppable energy led me to come back to see you. I was in an awkward situation, because I was just the only one. I was silent, trying to relax, reading the ingredients of our discussion, Annie Choi’s letter – one that had sentiment towards architect as profession. My palms were sweating even more then before, when I knew this discussion would be recorded and would be in the publication. But then you said hello, and we talked, had a long discussion, I realised that my fears were exaggerated. My stupid opinions were not a problem for you, it precisely opens the perspective of our conversation. I think this place is warm enough to share. After that I always tried to spend my Saturday with you. It was still fresh in my memory when we learnt to recognize the master of architecture. Rem Koolhaas who played with architectural programs that produce different arguments between outer space and the space inside. Antoni Gaudi who stated that his client is God, he who continues to dig and search for the perfection of an organic form of architecture. What was presented in the lectures also often tickled my mind. David Hutama lectures conveyed that there is often a desire to appear as a hero figure within the architect but actually an architect is just a profession from a variety of professions. Or statement from Setiadi Sopandi that architects in the present are so sensitive and defensive because the domain is increasingly narrow. When I was with you, my thougths jumbled but I enjoyed it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015,
This was The first time I became a librarian. One afternoon, after the lecture we chatted a little bit of each of our activities. Suddenly you invited me to be a librarian. I was so excited, finally I can be with you frequently. Exactly the following Saturday I attended, I began my journey with you in this library, tidying up and cataloging books, preparing for the event every 2 weeks, documenting the events, uploading testimonials, and never stop being restless spirits and studying architecture.

Saturday, April 11, 2015,
The first time I documented the event with you and this was not a regular event. This event was not held in the library, but in the living room of a house that has not been completed, even just roofed by a blue tarpaulin. The crowd was about 4 times more than a regular event in the library. We met with four young men who eagerly pursue their passion in architecture. They shared their ups and downs in the architectural competition. This event brought the spirit to develop my architecture skills to me, but at the same time, I felt sadness and low self-esteem. “Where was I when I study architecture?” The next day I told my grief to you. I felt like I would not survive competing in this field, because I was left so far behind. You smiled and said, “Try to see from the other side, if more architect improved their skill and together complement each other, advancing the architecture, sharing of architecture to the public. That’s fun, isn’t it ?” Immediately I forgot, what are the things that made me inferior.

Thursday, April 30, 2015,
The first time I met you on weekdays. I arrived at 18:00 along with my best friend. The library often hold a Brown Bag Discussion on weekdays, usually Thursday evening. Discussion usually was about the work of student assignment, the experience of travel, architecture-related films, or master of architecture. This time the discussion was about SANAA. Their design are simple, dominated with white to focus on the experience of space architecture. You think the interesting part of SANAA are parti and spatial composition, as well as techniques to build it, but the others think SANAA’s work is also aout design philosophy. Tonight was fun with you, to share, discuss, on the sidelines of the strenuous job.

Sunday, May 3, 2015,
The first time I shared materials. I was asked to discuss an interesting book, “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” by Robert Venturi. I did not trust myself to discuss this. You encouraged me and told me that a book could have various interpretations. When I presented the lecture, I saw boredom and confusion in the eyes of the visitors. At that time my fears seemed realised, I felt a failure. You amused me, but this time I was not amused. What finally amuse me is slogan reads, “No need to be rich to share.” One of the promotional advertising communications service providers in the Ramadhan.

Saturday, May 2, 2015,
The first time we were restless about the library. In the course “Creativity in Architecture” explained that according to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi creative process has several stages, namely “Immersion, Incubation, Insight, Evaluation, Elaboration.” After lecture you asked, “what process we have to do at the library?” I thought that we had the need to continue to perform immersion, continued to free and open up opportunities ideas. You said, “Don’t we should continue to move alternately ? When I was in immersion, you are in incubation, when you are in the incubation my insight so on.“ I think you’re right, If I only continue in the immersion stage how I can contribute to the community?

Saturday, May 30, 2015,
The last event this semester. This semester was closed by the lecture of Mr. Sonny Sutanto. It was very interesting, a lot to discuss how to establish a bureau, visitors were full, and very excited. The library were not large enough to accommodate all the visitors inside. Some visitors sat and stood in the dry pond behind the library, but remains serious following the lectures session. I was also in the pond, looked serious to attend the lecture, but things came up in my mind. I thought, “This semester will end. What will we do after this? Will I still be with you? Then the lecture ended, I was looking at you, daydreaming recalling my Angan-angan Arsitektur. Architecture and love are not incompatible. Architecture is love. Love is architecture. I think I’m in love.