Brownbag #4 – Claudia Cynthia Javanny Jo, Bambang Ega Agha Novita

Hi, Restless Spirit!
RAW in conjunction with OMAH presents another Final Project presentation and practical experience sharing by two of our team members, Claudia Cynthia Javanny Jo, a fresh graduate architectural designer from Tarumanegara University and Mr Bambang Priyono, a head of technical division in DOT Workshop.
In this session, Claudia will present her final project entitled The Re-creation of Activity Nodes at Puri Indah. A city has never stopped growing, as it overcomes many changes in the process. Therefore what should the term of “Contextual Architecture” refer to? Other than its function, a city also carrying an image; memory and impression given by the residents communally. Without the image, the city and architecture will be meaningless, neglected and easily replaced by other new and popular places. The Re-Creation of Activity Nodes is a project created in a response to contextual issue within business centre areas, Puri Indah as one of them. The idea is to re-create a place to generate social interaction between residents, between residents and their city, and most importantly between humans and architecture. Taking form as a recreation spot in the midst of the city.

On the other hand, Mr Bambang Priyono will share his experience about the strategy decision making as he has worked in a technical division from the early years of RAW Architecture and has involved in many different ranges of projects.
The venue will be placed at OMAH Library, jl taman amarilis 2 blok f2 no. 15. The schedule for this session is on Thursday 6th April 2017 and will be started at 07.00 pm.
The discussion is open to the public if you are interested in joining this please send an email directly to with the subject BROWNBAG.

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