Bitter Sweet #14 Memories in Architects Life – Tan Tjiang Ay

Hi Restless Spirit!
We are gonna hold a session of Bittersweet Memories in Design Experiences: Tan Tjiang Ay

“Be Simple,
Simple is extraordinary!”

Tan Tjiang Ay was struggling with stigma on social cultural when he decided to be an architect. He studied architecture at ITB, then Universitas Parahyangan before pursuing his career. After 12 years working with his associates, he started his own firm at the age of 40’s. He felt the urge to develop his personal character in architecture.

As an architect, focusing on function and designing with heart, he refuses to call himself a minimalist, but the term “reductionist” who would like to reduce useless elements. Tan Tjiang Ay makes a lot of openings in his design to create an interaction between human inside the house and nature. He ‘uses’ God’s creations such as sunlight, vegetation, and ambience as the design ornaments. He also focuses on details as unique answer for each project.

He has experienced various eras during his career since 1960’s. “Learning architecture through life”, he said.
He will share his experiences on Saturday
March 25, 2017 at 10.00 AM- 12 PM
at OMAH Library
Taman Amarilis F2/15-16
Taman Villa Meruya
West Jakarta
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Please be there on time, since we need to give the speaker his due. Keep digging the knowledge! Let’s learn and be inspired!

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