Learning From The Master #21 – Alejandro Aravena

Hi Restless Spirits!

We will be holding another session of Learning from The Master: Alejandro Aravena.

After, Alejandro Aravena has been selected as the 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate. We held a discussion about Alejandro Aravena. The Articles title, Architects “are never taught the right things”. That article shows Aravena interest about an environmental issue, a political issue, a social issue, which not taught in architecture school. Aravena believes that architecture is a collective idea and work from society.

By 2030 out of the 5 billion people that will be living in cities, 2 billion ar going to be under the line of poverty. Their need must be fullfill, include housing needs. In the other hand available resources are not enough. So, the idea is create an Open System to accomodate people to be a part of solutions of their own problem. He designs incremental housing as a solutions. When developes this project, he focuss on: what is more difficult, what cannot be done individually, what will guarantee the common good in the future. There are many variant of incremental housing, such as: Villa Verde, Quinta Monroy, Monterrey, Entre Rios, Rancagua, Renca, Temuco, Renca, La Pintana, etc.

The lecture is on Saturday, 4th March 2017 at 10.00 – 12.00 AM at OMAH Library
Taman Amarilis F2/15-16
Taman Villa Meruya
West Jakarta

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