Architecture Pilgrimage Trip -The House of The Rising Sun

In “between silence and light”, Kahn said that Nature, including us, was created because of the light. When the light’s present, there exist the shadow. In the shadow where the niche created, man took dwell. Shadow became our shelter from light, even thought once in a while we longed for an ally.
Probably it’s different with Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono. His house welcomed every first ray humbly and full of serenity. House that so intimate became transcedental bridge between him and The Being. House of the Rising Sun is an existential story of man’s celebration toward nature.

Dear, Restless Spirits!
OMAH Library is going to have an outing to Gunawan Tjahjono’s House on this saturday. Alongside with OMAH Free School’s students for class session about poeticity in architecture.
Gunawan Tjahjono is a renowed scholar and former rector of UPJ. His famous work is Pusat Administrasi Universitas Indonesia’s building. He has contributed to architectural pedagogy since 1981, after achieving master degree from UCLA. He also active in writing and had published a book called Indonesian Heritage (buku #6).
We invite you all to take part on this amazing trip by filling out the form below.
Let’s learn and be inspired!

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