Learning From The Master – Antonin & Noemi Raymond – Rifandi S and Bondan P

We have learned about Antonin & Noemi Raymond.
They are figure of modern architecture and design that slightly apart from the modern historiography. Both of them are interested in art & design. They meet in an unexpected moment at a boat on a journey to New York, and be a couple.
If we summarized their journey, there are 4 important moments in their life.
1. Raymond meets Noemi
Raymond had aopportunity to work with Frank Lloyd Wright because of Noemi’s connection. They visited the Taliesin and become a part of them. He was part of Imperial Hotel Tokyo Project, and work with Schindler and Neutra.
2. Know about modern-movement
In Czech Polytechnic Institute, He met Josef Schulz & Jan Koula. They introduce modern movement to him.
3. Contemporary Practices in America
Practice in American context: advancement of technology
4. Introducing modern architecture technology and technique in Japan
5. Back to America: the new modern legacy
Modern architecture for Raymond not universal, not simple, there are other important things that need to note, such as cultural exposition. Modern architecture is about crafting a modern world.
1. A Eurocentric conception of the modern
In ‘his work in 1935’, he said that modern architecture tendencies is to overthrow eclecticism. Josef Schulz and Jan Koula introduce modernism and cubism. Czech modernism is about learned the roots of local architecture (vernacular revival) and create the new identity.
2. The goals and means of modern Architecture
Modern architecture is not just about functionalism, that also about how to learn about roots of place and applicate it in the new context and condition.
3. The ways of modernism
He urges to stop creating architecture as renaissance era and proposed to restructured architecture offices to give contribution for knowledge improvement
Raymond has a good social skill, and he is a traveler. Some points in his career that build his design character are:
1. 1924 Kanto earthquake
He learns about reinforce concrete further since Kanto earthquake. Because reinforced concrete building can survive in Kanto earthquake.
2. Voluntary works
He helps to reconstruct Japan after disaster, and help Le Corbusier to develop an urbanization plan for the city of Smyrna, Turkey.
3. Wartime association
He helps to design some building & facility for US army, such as Airport for 194x, Bound Brook Army Holding Point, etc.
4. Government relation
He has good connection with government. He got some embassy project, one of them is US embassy in Indonesia.
5. Raymond’s apprentices
Raymond chooses apprentices from many different countries. So his studio is very diverse. The two important Japanese apprentices in his studio are Kunio Maekawa & Junzo Yoshimura. They bring Raymond ideology to the next Japanese architect generation. Japanese Modern Architecture is his legacy.
6. New hope
New Hope Delauare River Valley fieldstone farmhouse and barn inspired by Taliesin in respond to the fast technology development in US. It accentuates closer contact with nature.
See you on the next Learning From The Master Session 🙂