Bitter Sweet #09 Memories in Architects Life – Darrundono koesomodilogo

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We are gonna hold another Bittersweet session. On Bittersweet, an acclaimed architecture practitioner will share you their stories, of how they manage to be on top of the ladder. Not only their sweet episodes, but moreover, their struggles and fights to achieve the success, shall be disclosed. There are other ways to practice in archiecture, and Pak Darrundono will share his experiences with us.

Darrundono received his bachelor degree in architecture from Universitas Tarumanagara (UNTAR), and graduated his master and doctoral from Universitas Indonesia. He worked as a government officer in some divisions of Jakarta Adminsitration, beginning in the Department of City Planning, Department of Public Works and lastly was appointed as the Head of Kampung Improvement Program (KIP) Unit, Public Market and Pluit Area Real Estate. Darrundono and his KIP team received The Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1980 for the government-assisted, self-help community planning program for almost 72billion square metres kampong area in Jakarta. His particular interest is in urban poor projects and developments. He is also an active speaker and a lecturer in UNTAR.

He is the KIP Chief. In 1969, approximately 60% of Jakarta’s urban area, home to 75% of its total population, are areas with no physical and social services called Kampung. KIP program was initiated primarily to decrease the low physical living conditions. The main agenda of KIP was to provide better accesibility, e.g. roads and footpaths, to provide water infrastructure (water supply, sanitation, drainage, human waster disposal facilities), and to provide social buildings (schools, health clinics, open public space). These basic infrastuctures had to be built inexpensively in a short time period. The people involved in this project were government, the sub-district heads (Lurah,Ketua RW&RT), the kampung communities, and local contractors. The Project received Aga Khan Award and became an international spotlight. He then served a role model for national development policy Pelita (Pembangunan Lima Tahun) III.

He will share his experiences and also discuss about bureaucracy planning & advocacy planning, community-based & government policy, and kampung improvement programs in curently situations & conditions.

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This lecture will be held in OMAH Library this Sunday, 22nd January 2017 at 10.00AM.

Please be there on time, since we need to give the speaker his due. Pak Darrundono will truly be blessing us with his time and effort preparing the whole lecture. Let’s learn and be inspired!

Illustration by: Irwan Suhendra

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