Free Architecture School



This school is open on Saturday from 11.00 – 12.00 am for 10 chosen participants. The topic including the explanation of basic architecture theory and practice. There are sessions covered:

  • 1st meeting : Understanding Architecture (ref: Understanding Architecture, Coensway and Roesnich, and Why architecture Matters Paul Goldberger)
  • 2nd meeting : Basic Structure and Construction, Basic Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (ref: Tragsystem, and integrated building system)
  • 3rd meeting : Poetics of Architecture (ref: Poetics of Architecture – Antoni D. Antoniades, Poetics of the space – Gaston Bachelard, and Strange Details – Michael Caldwell)
  • 4rd meeting : Ethics and Business in Architecture ( Starting your own firm – Peter Piven)

The course is the scholarship program as our commitment to disseminating the knowledge for everyone. Keep digging the knowledge!

Please send a motivational leter (including your background, dream and story about architecture) to The participants will be selected.
photo by: felixwibowo