Hi, Restless Spirit!

OMAH library is looking for exhibition enthusiasts to work with us in managing the preparation of titik awal exhibition.


About the exhibition:

There is a process to reach maturity in architectural practice and it has never been a short time. Nonetheless, during this process every architect must have undergone these three process:

1.Expedients (the forming),
2. Alchemy (the relationship)
3. Experiments.

In this exhibition, we would like to make the process grounded by displaying a part of this long – and might be endless – journey. Along this process, opportunities and experience may differ, yet all of these architects have a similar starting point: their school’s final project.

The final project is a unique assignment. In a way, the final project is the conclusive chapter in the formal architectural education while at the same time it represents a new chapter; the starting point to be a practicing architect.

Each of the projects in this exhibition aims to depict how once these prominent architects saw architecture at the zero point of their practicing career.


If you are interest in learning to develop the exhibition, make sure you meet these requirements:

1. Availability from November 2016 until January 2017 for weekend work
2. Good management and communication skill
3. Familiarity with creative working process

There are several divisions that you can choose from:
publication, documentation, design, research, and accomodation.

Job Description:

Publication division handle the whole publication of before and after the main exhibition, from poster making to the social media announcement.

Documentation and archive:
Documentation works with photography and videography, recording the preparation of the exhibition until post-exhibition report.

Design division layouting the content of the exhibition, arrangement of the exhibition space, and coordinating with other division for the design inquiry.

Research division focus on collecting and processing data, including interview with the exhibition participants and making transcript.

For application and further information please send your email to