Public Lecture #34 – The Poetics of Space

Gaston Bachelard is a French philosopher lived from 1884-1962. He is considered one of the leading philosophers of Europe and the author of many other books. The author is known as a modest, unusual and mature man. At the twilight of his career, he decides to take a new approach by reflecting on literature and poetry and using imagination to explore reality. Poetry uses images that touch one’s soul without apparent cause or observable fact. Bachelard observes that imagination is a major power of human nature. The fact that poetic imagery is not subject to rules of logic does not lessen its reality. Bachelard uses the house, which is full of sensations and subjective imagination native to anyone who lives in one, to demonstrate the reality of poetic imagery.

Bachelard determines that the house has both unity and complexity, it is made out of memories and experiences, its different parts arouse different sensations at yet it brings up a unitary, intimate experience of living. One go the key notions of Bachelard’s The Poetic of Space is that one should transcend mere description in order to grasp the essential qualities of space, the intimacy of the house, the protection and bliss that it grants us which will enable us to experience the meaning of the home space.
Bachelard speaks of thought, daydreaming and dreaming invoked by the house, actions which resurrect the past and connect it with the present, with his concept of “topoanalysis” which he defines as “the systematic psychological study of the sites of out intimate lives”. In this lecture, we will share about “nests”, “shell”, “corners”, and the dialectics of outside and inside”, which will help us understanding more about Bachelard’s concept and legacy.
The lecture will be presented by Rezki Dikaputera and Ellena Monica. Risk Dikaputera graduated from Tarumanagara University and now he is active in many public discussion, currently work as an architect at Budi Lim Architect and librarian at OMAH. Ellena Monica graduated from Petra Christian University and now work as an architectural designer at RAW Architecture and librarian at OMAH.

The lecture is on Saturday, November 26th, 2016 at 10.00AM
at OMAH Library
Taman Amarilis F2/15-16
Taman Villa Meruya
West Jakarta

For RSVP please send email to omahlibrary.reservation with format:

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