Public Lecture #32 – In Praise of Shadow

“ Light is used not for reading or writing or sewing but for dispelling the shadows in the arthest corners, and this runs against the basic idea of the Japanes Room.” Jun’ichiro Tanizaki In Praise of Shadow is an essay on aesthetics by Tanizaki. The book tells the aesthetics of Japanese culture and architecture especially focusing on the lighting in traditional Japanese housing. The Balance between light and shadow and the way its implemented by the architectural elements creates a subtle and different ambience.

We invite you to this session of Learning From The Master Norman Foster on Saturday, 20th of November, 2016, at 10.00 am, at OMAH Library, Taman Amarilis II F2 15/16, Taman Villa Meruya, Jakarta Barat

The lecture will be presented by Koichi Tanaka graduated as Bachelor of Engineering from Keiko University and Master of Science Light & Lighting from University College London. He has worked as lighting designer for Koizumi Lighting Technologies, Lighting Planners Associates, ERCO, and Sirius Lighting. In 2011, He established Lightlinks.

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