Fernisia Richtia Winerdy

Fernisia is one of the creative people of OMAH, who is currently also a member of the teaching team in Architecture Basic Design Studio in UPH Architecture, School of Design. She had been an intern in Sonny Sutanto Architect and graduated from UPH in 2012 before then involving in Monokroma architect, a firm based in Karawaci. She is also one of the curators of UPH Architecture 3rd Triannale Exhibition. She is also manager in OMAH Architecture Library, hosting events and enganging in thoughtfull discussion and ideas.

She wishes her drawing and psychology related architectural books will be read by more people at OMAH Library:
1. The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation by David Ross Scheer (2014)
2. Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture by Peter Cook (2014)
3. The Creative License by Danny Gregory (2006)
4. Drawing / Thinking by Marc Treib
5. Visual Notes for Architects and Designers by Norman Crow (2012)
6. The Hidden Dimension by Edward T. Hall (1966)
7. Injquiry By Design: ools for Environmental-Behavior Research by John Seizel (1981)
8. Psikologi Arsitektur by Deddi Halim (2005)
9. Environmental Psychology by Hemistra (1974)
10. Visual Research Methods in Design by Henry Sanoff (1991)
11. Arsitektur dan Perilaku Manusia by Joyce Marcella Laurens ( 2004)
12. Arsitektur Manusia dan Pengamatannya by Suwondo Sutedjo (1986)
13. Learning Form Museums by John Falk (2000)
14. Planning for People in Museum Exhibtion by Kathleen McLean
15. Architect’s Essentials of Marketing by David Koren (2005)