Public Lecture #30 – Konnichiwa #2

Konnichiwa, Restless Spirits-san!

Next Saturday will be a special week for OMAH, as we are gonna hold a JAPANESE WEEK in order to celebrate the festivities of Japanese architects and their brilliant work! You are all invited to partake in these sharing sessions:

1. Sharing Session: The Mask and the Truth of Japanese Constellation


Japanese culture is known for its subtleness, gentleness, and delicacy. Under the mask of these fine arts which have been refined in ages, there lies a complexity that urges to be comprehended thoroughly. According to the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in New York (2015), in a book entitled A Japanese Constellation, there are 6 avant-garde architects and one atelier which are thought to have encapsulated the contemporary Japanese architecture. In a single glance over their projects, we may hypothesize that simplicity, – and even nothingness – is the main idea linking them. Some questions may arise from this choosing: how is this Japanese architecture defined as? And ultimately, what messages are these architects trying to convey through their projects, which accurately explains the style of Nowadays Japanese Architecture?

The session will be presented by Rio Sanjaya of Untar and OMAH Library on:

Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at 10.00AM

2.Sharing Session: Pod Architecture with Kazuyo Morita


On August 2016, some students from various Asian countries were invited to the 1st Asian Architectural Students Summer Workshop in Osaka/Sabae (Japan) 2016; representing Indonesia was Nadia Amira of University of Indonesia and OMAH Library. In this workshop, the possibility of tiny architecture is explored, which might be bigger than a doghouse but smaller than a house. The substance is that the occupants can feel that they are sharing a “specific time and place” with the others. What architecture can do for our contemporary society is to connect people back to people, back to a place, and also back to time. In the end, the workshop itself has become an experimental platform through which the participants could co-create a memorable experience of sharing time and place with various other people in Sabae-city, Fukui in the summer 2016.

Nadia will share her experience learning under the tutorship of the well-renowned Kazuyo Morita on

Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at 02.00PM

at OMAH Library
Taman Amarilis F2/15-16
Taman Villa Meruya
West Jakarta

The sharings will be preceded by a Yoga Ceria session at 08.30. Let’s learn and be inspired!

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