Public Lecture – Leverworks. Lecture by Irma and Yenni.

we have learned about leverwork : mutually supporting and self connecting lever structure. There are three basic properties describing how the elements form the structure,

1. The elements work as LEVERS
2. The relationship between elements is MUTUAL
3. The elements are SELF-CONNECTING
There are some architecture joint from the past that inspired Vito Bertin, such as:
1. Isuka-tsugi traditional japanese joint
2. Neolithic, Indian, and Hogan Dwelling
3. “ang” roof system on Ruyu Pavilion in Suzhou
4 The Rainbow Bridge 12th Century in China
5. Codex Atlanticus, sketch Leonardo da Vinci 1478-1519
6. Graham Brown’s Sanctuary 1998
7. Zollinger’s Lamella Roof Structure 1923

Leverwork system can be applied with stick, slab or block, with full enclosure or no enclosure. There are many possibility to developed the basic unit. The unit can be transform and expand with various method.

Bertin tried to made experiment with his students from Hongkong, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. He said that his intention to work with the students, not to tell them what I had done but let them make similar discoveries, working directly with material, and then observing and discussing. Currently they have developed many interesting variant.

Summary: Gregorius Giovanni Gerard
Video: Irma and Yenni