Public Lecture #28 – Leverworks: a mutual relationship without hierarchy

We are gonna held sharing session, Leverworks; a mutual relationship without hierarchy. Vito Bertin, a lecturer at Chinese University of Hongkong got interested by a student project. It was a structure consisted of four beams which were shorter than the structure’s span.

What if this structure can be extended? The question triggered his own studies, Using one of classical simple machine principle known as lever, many forms can be constructed by elements being load-bearing for one another. Mutually supporting and self-connecting.

The principle of lever beam structure is that a beam is supported by two beams, and at the same time, it is at least exposed to a beam loading, thereby forming an interactive support frame structure. This structure form was used in the vernacular architecture during the renaissance period and the example in China is the Rainbow Bridge. In recent years, there are related researches in the design teaching of many architecture schools. ‘Leverworks: One Principle, Many Forms’ starting from the basic principle of the lever beam structure, researches and investigates different deformations and their potential in the formation of the space.

We invite you to this session on Sunday, 18th of September, 2016, at 10.00 am, at OMAH Library, Taman Amarilis II F2 15/16, Taman Villa Meruya, Jakarta Barat.

Rsvp for max 30 people
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