Public Lecture – Positioning Master and Doctorate Degree In Architecture – David Hutama

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Report from the publication:

We have learned and discussed Positioning Master and Doctorate Degree in Architecture.

In our current situation, architecture consultant has over expectation toward fresh grads. Fresh grads should have practical skills. If they can’t show up to the standard. Consultants will blame the universities they attended. For comparison, architecture students in Japan obtain architecture studio only on their last semester, so they don’t have enough chance to develop their practical skill. But they have an appropriate system, they accept incapability of fresh grads, so the consultant teaches how to practice and their studio culture.

Some people think to pursue master degree just wasting time, better use the time for getting practical experiences and skill. So, do we need to pursue a master degree? Architects need long times to have maturity in Architecture Design. For example, Pritzker Prize laureate te need approximately 15-20 years to get it. Time to take master degree just 10% of that time, it does not take so much time.

School help people improve their knowledge and mindset about the field. because of the internet, there are many sources of information around us, but we often difficult to sort and process them to knowledge. In bachelor degree, the purpose is to introduce and help the student to understand the field. In master degree, the purpose is questioning the subject or related it to other knowledge. In doctorate degree, the purpose is to know how to make a theory.

A good architect needs both academic and practical skill, and it is manifested in the Praxis. Praxis bridges theory and practice, and through them, architect visualises their knowledge and theory into the development their practice and everyday life.
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