Hi Restless Spirit, “There is no relationship between having a higher academic degree and the length of time needed to become good practicing architect. We need both aspects to be a good architect. Both aspects; academic knowledge (build in the school) and practical skills (built by experience) are complimentary to each other. The first aspect nourishes our wisdom so we can practice with a good ethical manner. The latter drills our engineering and decision making skills so we can execute and construct our ideas into reality.” – Cloakroom For Architecture

According to the writing, it seems simply we can conclude that we need both academic and practical aspects to be a good architect. Or we might say there are two main core foundation to be a competent architect, an ethical judgement and thoughtfulness in a design process.
But it might necessary to think about this in more advance question. Do we need to take master or doctorate degree? What are the advantages? and furthermore How do we know the type of further study that is fit for us? Are there any maps of the studies that related to our field and interest? And what is the the next step after we pursue bachelor, master degree, or even doctorate degree? Perhaps these simple questions only need some structures and evidences to answer.

Every simple question might necessary for us to think about it clearly, by not following some biases from our circumstances before we decide the next step in the future. The experienced people will share it to us. David Hutama will lead this discussion with his experience and point of view.
David Hutama was the curator of Indonesia Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2014 together with Avianti Armand, Setiadi Sopandi, Achmad Tardiyana, and Robin Hartanto. After receiving his bachelor degree from Parahyangan University in the year 2000, David Hutama went to Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan to pursue his master degree in History and Theory of Architecture. In 2005 he join Department of Architecture in Universitas Pelita Harapan. David was part of the steering committee team for Jakarta Architecture Biennale 2009 and Art Director for Rubber Wood Architecture Exhibition in 2010.

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