Public Lecture – The Art of Learning Architecture – Prof. Yandi Andri Yatmo

As a professor, head of the department and a lecturer at the University of Indonesia, he shared about the education system that has already used in UI due to the several constraints in the university.

Some values from the education framework that we point out are:

1. Divergent thinking

The first question that we have to answer it clearly is how do we designing? Is there any new kind of things that make our design methods different from the others so it makes our works special?
The most important thing in learning architecture is by looking to design in a scientific way. Learning design is not only like how-to-do something in a fixed technical way to get the final product that coming from a specific brief or purpose , but it is more like finding our own way of design methods as tools to finish our designed object. As people who wants to learn swimming, how do we get to the finish line? It is not about the result that we finally get to achieve the finish line. But what kind of swimming technique that we use to get there. Sometimes we try to use the front crawl technique, and the result depends on to how do we develop this technique by ourself in the water.

Divergent thinking means we can assume and learn anything in the design process. It opens many possibilities to the way we look at things through our design methods. By using this method, everyone will find out their own specific advantages than the others, the potential and the talent that they have. They can develop the design freely since everyone is special in their own way. Thus, we can develop ourself as what we have chosen to be and take a risk from that.

2. Do nothing = do many things

It is a set of attitude when we look at something in the first time, without doing any judges at the beginning in order to look at different things. When we do nothing in the observation, we might find something that is not realised by the others. Everyone has their own “do nothing” moment. Do nothing also means do many things since it opens many possibilities for the exploration. It is how about we assume something special and translate it into the- design methods.

3. Story Telling

Every student must be able to tell the story of their design. It is kind of a common marketing strategy. The more the architect say the advantages of the design it is easier to sell the design. From this method of learning, we can see what types of the student either they are stubborn or persistence. With the storytelling process, the lecturer might persuade the student to think through the consequences of each decision.

There is no specific answer that purely correct or false. The only way we can do is to get near into the correctness. By considering the true or false, it is the process of learning. Every constraint is the scientific consideration.

4. No defined object

The purpose of not the defining specific object at the beginning is to encourage the divergent thinking, which focuses on the development of ideas and design methods. If we only defining the object by the typology and refer to the standard data, so the implication is the way of thinking between each student and the other will be typical. Understanding the object also important, but we have to focus on the design skills development.

5. Celebration of learning

Everyone has a specific purpose in our life. Everyone is unique and special. We have to celebrate it in our education system. If the education system stands for the talented student only it means something wrong happens. We have to encourage every student to develop the argument from what they have found. The will to finding everything is better than talent. The final product is only the result of the process that we have already define.

summary by Rifandi S Nugroho
video by Rifandi S Nugroho