Learning From The Master – Bijoy Jain. Lecture by Rezki Dikaputera and Nadia Amira.

We have learnt about Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai.

The presentation began with introduction of 5 people who influenced Bijoy Jain. They are:
1. Robert Mangurian, teaching Jain how to see things without any prejudice
2. He learned from Laurie Baker about commitment and consistency
3. Richard Meier gave him insight about studio culture (model making- based)
4. Encounter with Geoffrey Bawa, leaving a question in his mind, “What is the most essential thing in architecture?”
5. He learnt from Louis I. Kahn about materiality
Moreover, Vanu Butha and Luis Barragan also influenced his design.

Then, the presentation was followed by explanation about praxis. Praxis means exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill. There are 4 principles in Bijoy Jain’s Praxis concept in architecture.
1. Pocketman (idea of overlapping of yes and no)
2. Idea of Osmosis (idea about collaboration and juxtaposition)
3. Mango Tree Analogy (that a Studio is a trunk that much supports its branches and leaves to perform)
4. The Red Pen (Notes of every design process)

After that, we also learned about Bijoy Jain’s projects. Besides emphasizing on craftsmanship, when developing a project, Studio Mumbai always observes the site and environment. In Palmira house and Tara House, site problems and their uniquenesses, were be developed as design features.
Regulation and program complexity also can generate an interesting projects like Studio Mumbai Workshop (Alibaug) and Studio Mumbai (Mumbai).
See you on the next lecture and discussion guys!

summary by Gregorius Giovani Gerrard
video by: Fiona Gracia