Architecture Pilgrimage Trip To India Short Video

From 17th March to 21st March 2016, we had a chance to visit the works of Laurie Baker, one of the most respected architects in South India. The journey itself was not long, in just around 3 days, we are concisely visited his projects.

A trip which inspired by our session on Learning from the Master series.

A little note from our Laurie Baker session (31 October 2015).
“Truth and honesty are reflected in Laurie Baker. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Laurie Baker spent his time of life to work for better architecture in India. If we read his architecture principles, we’ll know how much he cares about humanity. His firmness is based on the sincerity of the service to the others.
He concerned about locality and sustainability in architecture which the building should be appropriate with the sites and context. In his design, the site is such an important thing to be studied; it is related to how we react about the environment condition, people amenities, energy management, and even the detail.

We have a duty towards our work. So we have a responsibility to the world. Cost efficiency and energy saving must be our way of life. Architect must ‘trim’ not just the design but also the designing live. This is like fasting; to control the desire.
Architecture is based on human, so every architecture must be unique, because no human in this world is the same. It’s not just about showing off ‘who we are’, it’s about how to find the real identity. According to Juhani Pallasmaa, “Architecture is the art of reconciliation between ourselves and the world, and this mediation takes place through the senses.” which we think that’s what Laurie Baker did. He received all of the orders, learnt the technical process, conceived the world, and at the end turned it into a more meaningful humane place.”

It was indeed an interesting trip, with a lot of trial and error since we all debuted in India on the same time. But, nonetheless, we’re glad we had to see his projects, met a lot of new friends, and build our relationship there.

We had the chance to visit Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies, COSTFORD office alongside The Hamlet (former house of Laurie Baker), Loyola Chapel and Women’s Hostel, Khantari complex (project completed by COSTFORD) and the last but not least, the Indian Coffee House.

Videographer – Alifian Kharisma
Background Music – Shye Ben Tzur, Johny Greenwood Hu. Filastine, Informal Sector Parade

Organizer – Gregorius, Rezki, Rifandi

Contributor – Agung, Miftah, Ellena, Rimba, Ali, Rofianisa, Undi, Tirta, Georgiana, Audrey, Costford, Laurie Baker Centre, Loyola Campus, Kantari

Supreme Leader – Realrich Sjarief