In the Search of Restless Spirits

OMAH has an open attitude for gathering new restless spirits. Creative people come to OMAH in serendipity actively providing opportunities for knowledge sharing, challenge sharing, connection and encouragement to people in architecture, as well as one another. Here we bring every people takers and givers discuss, gather, share together in a setting that allows for learning, worship, new ideas, and camaraderie. Above all, it is a friendly, welcome place to meet with others who are alike and unlike. From the moment you walk in you know you are in the right place for conversations that matter about architecture. In OMAH, we are ready to support youngster as a willing to coach studio assignment, career building, or even place for deep camaraderie to find oneself, like one paragraph by Paule Coelho in The witch or Portobello, `How do we find the courage to be true to ourselves – even if we are unsure of who we are ? `It is a way to share our passion about books, meeting, sharing, and discussing everything about architecture in a creative way.