Understanding Architects’s Life Through Their Bittersweet Experiences

In OMAH, we believe as young architects, we often have a desire for an adventure. We wanted to explore what we studied in college, coming to a new place, adapts to new environment, local or international, observes new things and have fun on making mistakes. The youngsters often get lost and forget their responsibilities towards the future. The others of them precisely were droned in fears about the future, forgetting their ships that maybe will anchored in the beautiful island.

The earliest point in the face of this reality is actually the most crucial part in the search for the design characteristic of the young architects. Who we are, what has been done, how wishful thinking us to be confronted with the question of what, who, and in which we poured it all and able to directing us to be positive. The answers to these questions are sometimes answered well by the time. This is where persistence determination and ideals needed.

We are very happy, have a chance to learn and understand our predecessor’s bittersweet memories in experiences. So, we can get accelerate for better architecture.