Knowing the Good Critique Value

The main objective of architecture is to accommodate activities of man through making a place of space. Therefore, we can know the quality of architecture by assessing on how it performs it to function. This might be a rudimentary or even old-fashioned – explanation on architecture yet it becomes more vital now. Nowadays as building technology and design technology have been developing so advance, we have more architectural discourses on its quality of space, details, and form making. Even though in essence architecture is still doing what it does yet it is getting more complex. In other words, architecture becomes more difficult to understand since now it is weaved with many layers.

In this manner, OMAH has developed a course which trained young poeple who can translate and digest the thick layers of architecture in order for people to understand and to make a judgment on architecture. This is significant of the role of the critic. A good criticism will connect people to architecture and in a way will put architecture back to its place as a spatial medium for a man to live their life.